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BUCK harks back to more innocent times when Premium meant buying a fancy continental lager in a regional chain to impress folk.

Back in a simpler time before the Internet and COVID. Before Craft Beer. Before Bezos. Before a bar laden with 30 taps and yet nothing to drink

They say, you look to the past through rose tinted glasses and thats exactly what we did when we brewed our Premium Pale Lager using all our favourite things:- Decoction. Mittelfruh. Tettnang. Styrian Goldings. The Vengaboys.

So next time youre playing four way Mario Kart. GET BUCK. When you're partying on a school night. GET BUCK. Even when youre all out of Blue WKD. GET BUCK.

Forest Road - Buck Lager 5.1%

£132.00 Regular Price
£114.40Sale Price
1 Liter

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