Save more, waste less. The marketplace to buy or sell overstocked, discounted beer left over from the pandemic

Premium, discounted, fresh beer.

Support local business.

Benefits for the environment.

Win, win, win.



Our shared mission: collectively helping tackle climate change by reducing waste

Trade customers


From events companies to off-licenses, our offers help your business make important savings

Brand owners


We target your chosen customer segment to ensure your brands end up in the right place


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Reducing waste has the potential to cut carbon emissions by 2050 as much as reducing air travel, switching to electric cars, afforestation and building solar farms combined.


All product on Stock-Cycle is premium surplus stock, and the selling of it contributes to reducing wastage.


Trade Customers

Cut costs without cutting corners.

Our surplus stock sold meets the highest standards. On average it has over 160 days until their best before, and help you save up to 70% off retail price. 


Brand Owners

Dealing with residuals is a challenge, we know from experience. We work closely with you to help you sell through your surplus stock, selling only to the on-trade to maintain brand equity.

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